Our experienced and pro-active construction management team will take care of every detail. If you’re planning apartment renovation or loft conversion, HEDI Group will provide a broad range of construction management services, including CM at Risk options.

Process Overview

Quality tracking, costs, timing and scope of your project is the number one priority for our team. Services included are:
• Determining labour requirements
• Planning and coordination of all processes of design and construction (including the selection, recruitment, supervision and speciality trade contractors)
• Selection of contractors to perform certain steps
• Monitoring the performance of all contractors and ensuring that work is completed on time.
• Avoiding delays, disputes, and changes
• Monitoring timeline and allocation of funds
• Details control after construction

CM at Risk Option

With our CM at Risk services, we offer our clients sophisticated construction management with Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) obligations. Our construction manager will complete the project within a specific budget and acts as a consultant, providing insights on cost, timing, quality and scope. These essential consultations option during the pre-construction risks in the CM system will help reduce time and costs, which will be completed before the design is finalised. Our construction manager will then carefully monitors all components and controls all sides of the construction.

Start Today

If your project requires qualified advice from our expert CM at Risk managers, or simply ensuring conscientious construction management, contact HEIDI Group today to learn our services will be beneficial to you.