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Head of Architectural and Design Team Irina Bogdanova has been working as Architectural Interior Designer for the last 10 years. In 2013 she set up her own company JSLP Ltd which now working successfully with top and luxury residential properties and hotels in London and surrounded areas.

We participate in our projects from the very beginning when the client needs to obtain planning permission or to get an approval from Management Company to the very end when the last piece of furniture is installed.

On the first meeting on site we can provide additional portfolio on request, discuss our client needs and advise on the house renovation and needed permissions.

We found convenient to divide our work on stages:
1. At the first stage we will provide our client with different options of space layout and furniture layout.
2. When the right layout is chosen we move to the next step which includes detail drawings and material.
As the result of two steps our client gets a set of drawings and specifications:
- floor plan
- furniture layout
- electric plan
- plumbing plan
- ceiling plan
- room elevations

3. At the next step we can help you to find furniture, wallpaper, lighting etc.
4. We carry out construction supervision and furniture installation if needed.

For a full design from stage 1 till the end (including furniture) HEDI Group charge 40 £/Sqm + VAT or 30 £/hour + VAT. 

Stage 1:  Measuring and producing CAD plans and sections. Preparation of proposed plans (2-3 options) including kitchen, bathroom, furniture layouts. Discussing the proposal with a client and after agreement producing the proposed plan.

Stage 2:  Proposed electric, lighting, floor, ceiling plans, detailed plans for kitchen and bathroom, elevations.

Stage 3:  Choosing materials, furniture, lighting which is essential for construction. It includes kitchen and appliances, bathroom sanitary, bathroom tiles, floor surface, architectural lighting, wall paper if necessary. Adjustment of drawings according to chosen materials.

Stage 4:  Choosing free standing furniture.

Stage 1 - 25% (10% pre-paid and 15% after we moved to the next stage).
Stage 2 - 30 % (15 pre-paid and 15% after we moved to the next stage)
Stage 3 - 35% (20 pre-paid and 15% after we moved to the next stage)
Stage 4 - 10% (after completion)