How to design primary schoolgirl’s room: 3 main points

What colours and materials should be used in the room for primary school age girl? How to combine functionality and beauty, and transform kid’s room into a favorite place in your house? Let’s find out.
Thinking about design for a small child’s room, parents usually rely on their own taste. But another story begins when it comes to room for a girl who’s about to or already goes to school. You should consider several aspects: first, the room should be pretty and please the owner, secondly, the design must take into account daughter’s wishes and tastes, and thirdly, the room should be adapted for recreation, games, and classes, so divided into zones.

Secure materials


All materials in kid’s room should be selected in accordance with the main principle – to be safe for the child, and they just do not worth saving. Choose only reliable, durable and eco-friendly finishing materials and furniture that will not provoke kid’s allergy or any disease.
For flooring would be suitable wood, laminate or cork, for walls – environment-friendly paint, paper or non-woven wallpaper. Furniture is better to be wooden. When it comes to choosing textiles, give preference to natural fabrics: flax, cotton and wool.


Right colours

3Girl’s room is always associated with pink colour, but if she’s already in school, this colour can seem too infantile. It’s better to use bright colours as an accent, with giving preference to pastel and calm, but not too active and bright shades.
Pay attention to wallpaper pattern: large spotted pattern on all four walls will get in the way of focusing on lessons or reading. If you’re against completely monotonous design, use the bright wallpaper with a pattern on the accent wall, supporting its colour with calmer ones.



Design and Décor

4By decorating girl’s room, it’s really important to keep a sense of proportion: trying to make the room beautiful and cozy, there is a risk to turn it into a Barbie house. Put some pictures on the wall, buy decorative pillows for bed or sofa and choose some nice stationery for the workplace. That will be quite enough, and the rest of decor – posters of favorite artists, photographs, toys and other small things – owner will figure on her own. Remember to give freedom to a kid so she can reveal her creativity and ideas.



Also, consider moldings: they perfectly fit into any style and visually adjust room’s proportions and doing a fine job with the role of non-intrusive, but quite interesting decorative element. To keep moldings in kid’s room from looking too formal, they can be painted in bright colors.

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