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8 most important items on the kitchen renovation

Want to convert your kitchen? Our material will help you to concentrate on the essentials and do not forget about the important details. Just follow these 8 tips, and enjoy your new kitchen.

Kitchen Triangle

kitchen home renovation ideas for kitchen kitchen renovationThis term is not a newfangled fantasy, but a severe functional necessity. Kitchen Triangle – is three main areas of a kitchen: sink, stove, and refrigerator. So the triangle could work properly in your kitchen, between these three elements must be no obstacles, and the distance should be the same.






Kitchen – is your workroom, where everything has to be focused primarily on the process of cooking. In other words, choosing pretty boxes instead of comfortable and spacious – is an unforgivable mistake that can bring a lot of trouble and regrets in the future. By choosing one or another solution for your new kitchen, try to consider expediency, functionality, and compactness.


kitchen renovationTechnologies don’t stand still, they quite cheerfully marching straight ahead. The temptation to save some part of your old kitchen is very great – pleasant memories, the familiar comfort and the desire to save money will actively stand against progress and new life for your kitchen. We don’t encourage you to burn bridges, however, you should consider modern solutions to old problems.






Modern kitchen technologies provide a compact and convenient storage of any item – from a teaspoon to a box with lentils. Neglecting these capabilities is at least short-sighted.


London UK kitchenBefore purchasing a kitchen set, complement your new kitchen with all necessary appliances. Take into account all the dimensions, shelves, and drawers – to embed custom microwave in the place where it is supposed to dry plates with cups – can be quite difficult.








Circumspect ventilation system – is fresh air, cleanliness, and a whole new level of comfort. Never ever forget about it.


ideas for kitchenWhile focusing on the figures and diagrams, try not to forget about the design. Your new kitchen should please you with not only convenience and functionality, but also with charm and comfort. There are some small details in design that can add style and individuality to your kitchen – starting with apron and towels. Here you can not only roam in a choice of the palette but also the material, shape, texture, and pattern. There are also shelves, furniture, and glassware. Don’t forget about the chairs – they can become the main focus of the new interior.






They can capture your mind and require the implementation of every detail: fashion colours, materials, shapes, styles – which is fine, but not always acceptable. The kitchen is not space, which we aim to change every couple of years, be reasonable and pick an option devoid of a clear time imprint to which it belongs.


  • Sami Waleed

    Renovating a kitchen is a goal for some people. When it’s done in an organized way keeping some important tips into consideration then the results are generally awesome and I must say you have shared some important to the point tips such as functions, ventilation and trends which I liked the most. One of the important things to consider is to ask a few questions to yourself like why do you want to renovate the kitchen? Based on your answer like you want more space in kitchen, use modern trends kitchen ideas, add in new appliances for ease etc and then make out a plan before working on keeping yourself focused in one direction.

  • Mohan Awnings

    A proper ventilation system is very important for the kitchen. I recently visited a friend’s house and her kitchen is kind of like the 2nd image on the right.

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