7 cool ideas for modern bathroom

How can you possibly upgrade seemingly simple device like toilet? Well, high-tech and unique engineering solutions have reached that area too. Let’s talk about 7 unusual upgrades. To make time spent in a restroom more comfortable, you can use the latest developments, which at first can seem unnecessary and unusual, but eventually will integrate into your life.

Minimalist Bathroom Design

2The ideal solution for a small bathroom will apparently be small a toilet bowl. You can get absolutely any variation of cistern and toilet: round, square, hinged design or expensive marble. The location can also be selected according to your desires. Even artificial wall may become a support of the structure.







Toilet flush buttons

Thanks to the huge number of colours and architectural solutions, now you can find absolutely any key depending on the individual interior. Aside of standard panels, you can choose any knobs for swabs, and, if desired, you can configure flush management via your smartphone to be modern as much as possible, or if you’re just feeling lazy.

Motion Sensor

So-called contactless toilets that run completely automatically are getting more popular. By embedding radial motion sensors or by using the electromagnetic field, you can turn any restroom into the most convenient place, where the flush will be activated as soon as the sensor realises that you have finished all your business there.


3The best way to emphasize particular elements of the bathroom is to use special lighting. Refusal of standard lamps, the use of LEDs, mirrors and light emitting surfaces can create a unique atmosphere, very different from those bathrooms that you’ve got used to see.








Combining incompatible

4Designers have come up with a pretty cool solution for a small and narrow room – combined toilet and sink. Less verges, less pipes and less occupied space – meaning more freedom! In addition, this version looks really extraordinarily and original.




Smart illumination buttons

Do you know that feeling when you wade in complete darkness to the toilet at night and bump into whatever on your way? Well, you’re not going to bruise anymore while fumbling your hand on the wall searching for the switch. Special sensors will detect your approach and turn on the lights.

Height Changes

5Modern modules are able to adjust the height of the toilet bowl so that all members of the family – from the very young to the very high – will feel free to use it. Adjustment in the range of 8 centimeters carried out easily, even a child can cope with it, and glass panel can smoothly move with the bowl.







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