11 questions to Sergey Makhno — architect of the future

Makhno interview architectureSergey Makhno – one of the best Ukrainian designers who successfully entered the ranks of international fame after completing various projects in Ukraine, UK, USA, China, Portugal, UAE and other countries.

His studio, Sergey Makhno Architects engaged not only in interior design, but also with products and architectural design. Besides creating unique product collections, Sergey also constructs houses, hotels and cottage towns, and fill up interior spaces of apartments, restaurants, offices and boutiques with his exclusively designed furniture and décor.

Sergey Makhno’s studio has implemented 356 projects in 16 countries, many of which have received prestigious awards.

HEDI group is looking forward to further cooperation with Sergey to implement the coolest ideas together.

Here are 12 simple questions we have asked Sergey to understand him better as a talented and tireless artist.


– Which architectural style is your favourite?

– Contemporary. Because it is the future.

Contemporary is a functional and comfortable style that is capable of fusing modernity (new shape, texture, technology) and tradition (that we got from the grandparents and that we will give to our grandchildren) seamlessly.

– Tell us about the place you grew up in (house/apartment)

– For the first decade of my life, I have lived in a dormitory in a three-story building. There was only one room for my family of four: my parents, my brother Andrey and I.

– Who/what is your inspiration?

– My family – My beloved wife and my son Hikaru. My team – the people who help me in materialising any crazy ideas. And, of course, travelling, which I try to incorporate into my work.

– What do you want to be remembered for?

designer architecture – I would like to make people’s living spaces more convenient, functional and aesthetically pleasing. I want to help others would live in harmony with nature and themselves. Creating interiors or architecture in which people enjoy spending their time in – is, in my opinion, a victory.





– What is the biggest challenge in your work?

– To fully understand a customer’s needs and transform them into a quality result. It’s important to listen and act as a “compass” for a client. You may be engaged in design works for a long time, and for your client, it may be their first apartment. He may not comprehend the nuances and pitfalls of work, so our task is to create an effective dialogue with them.

– What do you think about the world’s development of design and architecture?

– It’s rapid, exciting and unpredictable. I feel the excitement of observing the changes and at the same time, being a part of it.

– Who is your favourite foreign designer?

– According to my outlook, I am fond of the works by Oki Sato, founder of the Nendo design studio. Others include Marc Newson and Tadao Ando.

– What has the biggest influence on your work?

design interview

– People. Interiors are not merely a set of furniture and materials. It will need to reflect the person who will reside in it.








– Are you concerned about environmental issues?

– There will not be an architect or designer who would say “no”.

I wouldn’t deny the fact that not every project we do is “eco”. But we prefer using natural and sustainable materials such as wood, stone and clay. The biggest eco-project we have completed till date is a village near Kiev, filled with light systems, water features and so on.

– Which was the best professional advice you have ever received, and which would you give to budding architects and designers?

– Never be afraid and to create. Create with trepidation and love in your heart, along with the desire to achieve the best possible results – attaining 200% from 100%.

– Which of your project makes you proud the most?

– I’m proud of every project I create.

kitchen home renovation ideas for kitchen kitchen renovation

8 most important items on the kitchen renovation

Want to convert your kitchen? Our material will help you to concentrate on the essentials and do not forget about the important details. Just follow these 8 tips, and enjoy your new kitchen.

Kitchen Triangle

kitchen home renovation ideas for kitchen kitchen renovationThis term is not a newfangled fantasy, but a severe functional necessity. Kitchen Triangle – is three main areas of a kitchen: sink, stove, and refrigerator. So the triangle could work properly in your kitchen, between these three elements must be no obstacles, and the distance should be the same.






Kitchen – is your workroom, where everything has to be focused primarily on the process of cooking. In other words, choosing pretty boxes instead of comfortable and spacious – is an unforgivable mistake that can bring a lot of trouble and regrets in the future. By choosing one or another solution for your new kitchen, try to consider expediency, functionality, and compactness.


kitchen renovationTechnologies don’t stand still, they quite cheerfully marching straight ahead. The temptation to save some part of your old kitchen is very great – pleasant memories, the familiar comfort and the desire to save money will actively stand against progress and new life for your kitchen. We don’t encourage you to burn bridges, however, you should consider modern solutions to old problems.






Modern kitchen technologies provide a compact and convenient storage of any item – from a teaspoon to a box with lentils. Neglecting these capabilities is at least short-sighted.


London UK kitchenBefore purchasing a kitchen set, complement your new kitchen with all necessary appliances. Take into account all the dimensions, shelves, and drawers – to embed custom microwave in the place where it is supposed to dry plates with cups – can be quite difficult.








Circumspect ventilation system – is fresh air, cleanliness, and a whole new level of comfort. Never ever forget about it.


ideas for kitchenWhile focusing on the figures and diagrams, try not to forget about the design. Your new kitchen should please you with not only convenience and functionality, but also with charm and comfort. There are some small details in design that can add style and individuality to your kitchen – starting with apron and towels. Here you can not only roam in a choice of the palette but also the material, shape, texture, and pattern. There are also shelves, furniture, and glassware. Don’t forget about the chairs – they can become the main focus of the new interior.






They can capture your mind and require the implementation of every detail: fashion colours, materials, shapes, styles – which is fine, but not always acceptable. The kitchen is not space, which we aim to change every couple of years, be reasonable and pick an option devoid of a clear time imprint to which it belongs.

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